Looking for accurate and reliable Total Chlorine analysis in Palm Oil samples?

Palm Oil production has become a major contributor to the global oil and fat production. With the TSHR Total Chlorine analyzer models you will have the ability of both direct sampling and analyzing original palm oil samples with ease of use, exceedingly accuracy and particularly high productivity. We have released a new Application Note of […]

Christmas Greeting

Our Christmas wish is about warm friendship in an atmosphere of understanding, support and confidence to build a new year. TSHR office is closed on Friday 25th of December and Friday 1st of January.

New Application Note for TS 7000 in compliance with ISO 20846

Looking for accurate and reliable Total Sulfur Analysis in automotive fuels?TSHR released a new Application Note for TS 7000 model in compliance with ISO 20846 method which includes most powerful performance sulfur data with proven accuracy, low detection limits and enhanced repeatability.If you want to obtain a copy of the Note, please contact us at […]

TSHR Update COVID-19

In accordance with the latest Dutch government measures updates to limit and control the spread of COVID-19, TSHR will continue the restrictive work practices as communicated on 16 March for at least the next 4 weeks. The following emails are being monitored in the usual way and can be used for any direct communications.Pricing, delivery […]

COVID-19 and TSHR operations: Our Response

As we continue to monitor the latest updates and information about the global COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking additional measures to ensure we safeguard the health of our employees and customers and preserve our ability to operate. In compliance with directives given by the Dutch government, which will be updated on a regular base due […]


The TSHR TRINITY Module, is an add-on module to the TSHR Total Sulfur analyzers to eliminate the interference caused by the presence of high nitrogen contain compounds in liquid hydrocarbon and petroleum products, while analyzing total sulfur at trace level. A recent amendum of ASTM D5453 – 19a method, drives the need for having such […]

New Seta AvCount Lite

The AvCount Lite portable automatic particle counter provides reliable results for determining the size and distribution of particles in light and middle distillate fuels, including aviation fuel and kerosene, biodiesel, low viscosity oils and hydraulic oils.  The particle counters simple operation makes testing bottle samples or on-line quick and easy, with results in under 3 […]

NEW Setaflash Series 3e ActiveCool

Setaflash Series 3e Active Cool provides fast and reliable flash point results and requires minimum operator expertise. It has been designed to rapidly and efficiently carry out Flash / No Flash tests to determine the flash point of liquids and semi-solids in the 10 to 135 °C temperature range. • Compliance• Safety• Product quality• 2 […]

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