Enhanced Productivity of Trace Level Total Sulfur Analyses in LPG in Compliance with ASTM D6667 and D7551 Methods

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a group of hydrocarbon gases typically compromising three or four carbon atoms. The most common forms of LPG are propane (C3H8), propylene (C3H6), butane (C4H12) and butylenes (C4H8). Being colourless and odourless necessitates the addition of odourants to LPG to aid detecting unsafe situations. These odourants are normally the sulfur containing compounds mercaptanes, which are added at an approximate concentration of less than 10 ppmS. Measurement of the Total Sulfur (TS) content in natural gas streams is important both in avoiding sulfur related pipeline corrosion and for the determination of precise quantity of odorant that must be added to the LPG. LPG and other light hydrocarbons are also finding use as feedstocks for a variety of new refining technologies. The need for low sulfur measurements in this part of the industry is of a growing importance. Furthermore, LPG is increasingly used as an automotive fuel and must therefore comply with legislations concerning the sulfur content of automotive fuels, the limits of which are decreasing in last decade. Learn more about the ASTM D6667 method.

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