Reduced sample volumes for TN analysis according to ASTM D4629 method

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The TSHR Total Nitrogen Analyzer, TN 7000, is ideal for the determination of total nitrogen particular in an extensive range of liquid hydrocarbon samples such as automotive fuels and high-grade chemicals in compliance with ASTM D4629 method. The TSHR TN 7000 model Total Nitrogen combustion analyzer fitted with the HR 7000 autosampler series, is able to accommodate syringes of 25ul, 50 ul and 100 ul in order customize certain application needs while achieve high precision data.

The injection port design is maintained at 500 °C to ensure a proper introduction of the sample. Once the liquid sample is evaporated it enters the oxygen rich combustion zone to ensure an oxidative conversion of the nitrogen components into NOx (nitrogen oxide) at 1000 °C. Water and interferences (if any) are removed by the conditioning stage, which involves a permeable membrane dryer tube.

The NO is swept to the chemiluminescence detector, where it reacts with ozone to form NO2 in an excited electronic state, which rapidly returns to ground state, emitting a photon through chemiluminescence. A PMT detector measures the light intensity and converts it electronically, with reference to stored calibration information, to display the analytical result as mass of nitrogen or as nitrogen concentration in the sample.

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To help labs excel we offer Application Notes across the Combustion Analyzer product line. They are a resource that explains the technology, performance, and abilities of our products as used against certain methodologies and or applications.

Whether your needs center around an ASTM Standard or EN/ISO methods, or a sample matrix-based outcome TSHR has you covered. If you don’t see the technical direction you need, simply contact us. We also offer sample analysis in our onsite Applications Lab.

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