New Application Note: TS in base oil samples – ASTM D7183

Base oils having applications to manufacture products including lubricating greases, 
motor oil and metal processing fluids and is produced by means of refining crude oil. 
During the refining process, light and heavy hydrocarbons are separated – the light ones 
can be refined to make petrol and other fuels, while the heavier ones are suitable for 
bitumen and base oils. 
By using hydrogenation technology in this process, in which sulfur and aromatics are 
removed using hydrogen under high pressure, extremely pure base oils can be obtained, 
which are suitable when quality requirements are particularly stringent. The sulfur 
content in these high-quality base oils will be very low ppm or ppb level. This application 
note describes the principle of operation and performance of the TSHR 7000 Total Sulfur 
Analyzer for the determination of Trace Level Total Sulfur analysis in these type of base 
oil samples according to ASTM D7183 methodology. 

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