Reliable and analytically sampling of your Gas, LPG and Gasbag samples

The current Gas & LPG introduction module, GM 7000, which is fully software controlled through Athena software and compatible with the TSHR 6000 and 7000 series has been upgraded and available in 3 versions: 

  • The standard GM 7000;
  • The sulfinert coated version (GM 7000 Sulfinert); 
  • The GM 7000 Plus for handling pressurized and non-pressurized gas samples in a single gas sampling device.

The GM 7000 is designed to connect pressurized Gas of LPG sample cylinder easily and safely in order to safely load the sample loop connected to the 10-port valve of the GM 7000, where a fixed volume of sample will be introduced to the TSHR 6000 and 7000 series Total Nitrogen, Total Sulfur and Total Chlorine Analyzer. The GM 7000 is standard equipped with two sample loops: one sample loop with a volume of 10 mL for gasses and one sample loop with a volume of 100 uL for liquefied gas (LPG) samples.
The operation is simplified, once the sample cylinder or gasbag is connected to the sample introduction port of the GM 7000, the user just presses the start button in the Athena software to start the analysis. The user defines all sampling parameters from the standard methods, such as: temperatures, number of loop repeats, while an application specialist can further finetune the specific application requests. The communication between the GM 7000 and the PC goes through a dedicated USB port and the operation through intuitive Athena software. As Athena software also controls the analyzer, this combination makes it very easy to operate and perform accurate measurements of Gas and LPG samples.

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