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AS120 Autosampler

The AS120 autosampler combines state-of-the-art component technology with easy-to-use operating features that meet routine as well as research level auto sampling requirements.

The AS120 is an all-electric, stepper motor driven autosampler providing rugged reliability and pinpoint injection accuracy. The AS120 uses Vial Decompression to reduce vacuum in vials with multiple replicates of the same vial. The AS120 can be configured to accept 10ul – 250ul syringe volume. The syringe mechanism moves back-and-forth and in-and-out across the sample tray. Variable inject volumes, injection speed, sample pump speed, sample fill speed, needle dwell times, replicates per vial and a host of sampling options that reduces injection run time and solvent usage are all standard and easily programmed through the NEXIS LINK software. The AS120 is standard equipped with a 120 positions sample tray but can be configured with cooled and heated tray capabilities to support various applications at the NEXIS Combustion Analyzer models. The AS120 can also be configured to handle true solids with its gripper functionality. Calibration is simple and intuitive. The unit uses screw-cap or crimp-top septum vials and easily interfaces with the NEXIS system. Mounting is easy and allows for quick changes between analyzers if desired.

Key Advantages

  • Manufactured by EST for improved service and support that provides better uptime
  • Allows custom locations to be calibrated for syringe maintenance location and secondary rinse / solvent locations
  • Accepts 10uL – 250 uL syringe volume
  • Gripper capability for true solid applications