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HR 7100

The TSHR Liquid Autosampler, HR 7100 model, has a 121 positions sample tray and is designed for high throughput labs to introduce fully automatic, accurate and reliable your liquid hydrocarbon samples into the TSHR range of Combustion Elemental Analyzers for trace level Total Nitrogen, Total Sulfur and Total Chlorine analysis. The Autosampler is fitted with a 100 uL micro-syringe to take a certain sample volume out of your vial and introduce this automatically into the sample injection device of the TSHR Total Nitrogen/Sulfur/Chlorine analyzer, 6000 and 7000 Series. This process is fully controlled by Athena software for user friendly and smooth operation. The HR 7100 model is also available in versions with cooled and heated sample trays.

Key Features

  • Fit to high sample throughput labs
  • Fully controlled operation through Athena software
  • Intelligent Dilution and calibration facilities
  • Optional heated and cooled sample tray capabilities


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