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NEXIS TN - Total Nitrogen Analyzer

The NEXIS Total Nitrogen analyzer is a horizontal oriented combustion analyzer with highest modularity and advanced detectors to measure trace level nitrogen concentrations in a wide range of liquids, solids and LPG/Gas sample types. The NEXIS TN analyzer configuration detects these substances through a uniquely high effective NEX-ZTM combustion tube design that includes Chemiluminescence (CLD) detection technique. The NEXIS TN model is designed to facilitate high sample throughput by optional addition of the AS120 liquid autosampler that will support both syringe and boat introduction methods with high performance and reliability. This solution provides a fully automated trace level Total Nitrogen analyzer, which can be extended with heated sample tray capability. For Gas and LPG samples the NEXIS TN analyzer can be connected to a NEXIS GM module to facilitate this kind of samples with fast connectivity and ease of use operation through NEXIS LINK software.

Key Features

  • High performance CLD detector with LOD’s down to ppb level
  • Accurate, Fast and Reliable Total Nitrogen Data with DSP TechnologyTM
  • Unique NEX-ZTM furnace tube design for long lasting and effective combustion
  • Optional AS120 Liquid autosampler with heated tray capabilities for high sample throughput
  • High efficiency boat cooling option for handling challenging sample matrices

International Regulatory Compliance Methods