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NEXIS TX - Total Chlorine Analyzer

The NEXIS TX Total Chlorine Analyzer is a horizontal oriented combustion analyzer with highest modularity and advanced detectors to measure trace level chlorine concentrations in a wide range of liquids, solids and LPG/Gas sample types. The NEXIS TX analyzer configuration detects these substances through a uniquely high effective NEX-ZTM combustion tube design that includes a micro coulometric detector (MCT) designed in a compact add-on module.

Key Features

  • Compact and high performance microcoulometric detector with low level of detection capabilities
  • Accurate, Fast and Reliable Total Chlorine Data 
  • Unique NEX-ZTM furnace tube design for long lasting and effective combustion
  • Optional AS120 Liquid autosampler with heated tray capabilities for high sample throughput
  • High efficiency boat cooling option for handling challenging sample matrices

International Regulatory Compliance Methods