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NEXIS VP TS - Total Sulfur Analyzer

The NEXIS VP Total Sulfur Analyzer is the most sensitive and reliable vertical combustion analyzer to detect precisely, from ultra trace to high ppm level, total sulfur concentrations in an extensive range of liquids and LPG/Gas samples. The NEXIS VP model TS analyzer configuration detects these substances through a uniquely high effective NEX-ZTM combustion tube design that includes an Ultra Violet Fluorescence (UVF) detector. The NEXIS VP Total Sulfur Analyzer is designed to facilitate high sample throughput by the AS/120 liquid autosampler through syringe introduction methods with optional heated and cooled sample trays. For Gas and LPG samples the NEXIS VP TS analyzer can be connected to a NEXIS Gas Module (GM) module to facilitate the safe and automated sampling and analysis process for these type of samples with fast connectivity and ease of use operation through NEXIS LINK software.

Key Features

  • Accurate, Fast and Reliable Total Sulfur Data
  • Unique vertical furnace tube NEX-ZTM design for effective combustion
  • Use of DSP TechnologyTM for ultra trace detection levels of Total Sulfur with superior LOD
  • TRINITYTM module available to reduce nitrogen interference for trace level sulfur analysis
  • Regulatory compliance to international standards (ASTM, ISO, UOP, DIN)
  • AS120 Liquid autosampler with heated and cooled tray capabilities for high sample throughput

International Regulatory Compliance Methods

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