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Total Sulfur Analyzer - TS 7000

The TSHR Total Sulfur Analyzer, model TS 7000, incorporates a high-end pulsed UV-Fluorescence detector which provides superior stability and low detection limits. Combined with excellent uptime, matrix independence, exceptional linearity and enhanced performance, the TS 7000 is the ideal solution for both demanding and routine applications.

The enhanced combustion process ensures a complete and effective combustion of organic sample types and analyse low and high boiling liquids as well as LPG/Gas samples.

Key Features

  • Robust and compact design with ease-of-use operation through Athena software
  • Accurate, fast and reliable total sulfur analysis down to 30 ppb
  • Automated sampling and injection of liquid samples with HR 7000
  • High performance pulsed UV-Fluorescence detector

International Regulatory Compliance Methods