ISO 20846:

ISO 20846 is the test method for Petroleum products – Determination of Sulfur Content of Automotive Fuels – Ultraviolet Fluorescence Method

The ISO 20846 method specifies an oxidative combustion with Ultraviolet (UV) Fluorescence detection for the determination of the Sulfur content of motor gasolines containing up to 3,7% (m/m) oxygen [including those blended with ethanol up to about 10% (V/V)], and of diesel fuels, including those containing up to about 10% (V/V) fatty acid methylester (FAME), having Sulfur contents in the range 3 mg/kg to 500 mg/kg. Other products can be analysed and other Sulfur contents can be determined according to this test method, however, no precision data for products other than automotive fuels and for results outside the specified range have been established for ISO 20846:2011. Halogens interfere with this detection technique at concentrations above approximately 3 500 mg/kg.

To comply with ISO 20846, TSHR offers NEXIS TS, NEXIS VP TS and TS 6000/7000 series models and combined instrument configurations like TN/TS models with semi-automatic syringe or fully automatic liquids injection through AS120 and HR 7000 models Liquids Autosampler configurations. The use of boat inlet technique at the NEXIS and TSHR 6000 models is recommended when analyzing high boiling point and viscous samples.