SH/T 0222:

Determination method for total sulfur content of liquefied petroleum gas (coulometric method)

SH/T 0222 specifies the method for the determination of total sulfur content of the sample consumption method. This standard applies to the sulfur content of LPG in the 10-10000mg/m3 range and specifies the classification and marking, technical requirements and test methods, inspection rules, marking, storage and transportation, safety and health requirements of automotive liquefied petroleum gas. SH/T 0222 is applicable to the liquefied petroleum gas used in the ignition type internal combustion engine.

To comply with SH/T 0222 method, TSHR offers the TX 6000 and TX 7000 series models Microcoulometry with syringe liquids sample introduction module. Full automated analysis can be achieved with the GM 7000 Gas & LPG sample introduction module connected to one of the above analyzer models.